Quantity Surveying at the Construction Phase

You could be a hands-on builder with no time to proactively manage your cost of materials, a project manager drowning in tender documents, or a couple building your first home. You need a quantity surveyor.

Residential and Commercial

Quantity Surveying - Property Values

Has every door handle, socket and cubic metre of concrete in your design been counted, and costed? That’s what we do – we count and calculate. Concept or completed construction cost plans; full measurement or take-off from construction plans; payment scheduling and fund allocation; tender procurement and allocations; tender submissions; contract management. We can even manage your project’s quality assurance, warranties, and code of compliance process. Removing headaches is our speciality; maybe that’s why we enjoy repeat projects and referrals from developers and builders alike?

Independent home builders

What’s the reason more and more people who are having their home built are turning to a professional quantity surveyor? Certainty. Cost assurance for any build is key. We hate hearing horror stories of cost over-runs as much as you do. That’s why we love everything about building contracts: setting them up, calculating the figures, working out payment schedules and fund allocations. When you need confirmation your fixed-price contract is legit, or want the ball-park figure of your dream build, Property Values Ltd can help. Concept plans, construction plans, full measurement, contract management – call us.