Quantity Surveying at the Design Phase

What better time to make sure your project costs are accurate than at the very start? Feasibility, labour and product rates, insurance replacement calculations; we’ve got you covered.

Helping architects and engineers

Quantity Surveying - Property Values

A professional quantity surveyor helps an architect or engineer confirm that what they have designed is both feasible and financially viable. When you need a feasibility construction report, or a cost plan for your engineered timber or prefabrication project, Property Values Ltd can help. If you want someone to calculate how much the materials and labour will cost for your proposed construction, we can run those numbers. If you need the hassle of contract management taken off your to-do list, we will roll up our sleeves and make sure all the small details and contingencies are not forgotten.

Making insurance easy

With years of Christchurch earthquake insurance work under our belt, we are better positioned than most to help with your construction litigation assessment, no matter which part of New Zealand you call home. For insurers and home owners alike, we analyse ‘repair vs. rebuild’ plans and report on the value of damaged buildings. And, as the insurance market moves towards agreed-value policies, Property Values Ltd is your peace-of-mind partner, calculating your comprehensive replacement insurance values for existing structures or from drawings. Let us help take the worry out of your insurance coverage.