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From first homes to multimillion-dollar developments, your construction project demands financial certainty. A Professional quantity surveyor helps you start off right, and finish happy. We crunch the numbers so you can sleep at night.

Quantity Surveyor Christchurch - Property Values

About Property Values Ltd

What’s better than a quantity survey team who loves spreadsheets? One who loves construction just as much! For over 25 years we’ve been busy building, project managing, and calculating costs.

Take a second and imagine your construction project, completed. The keys have been handed over, maybe a ribbon has been cut. And everyone is smiling. All parties are happy because the project presented no surprises: costs were controlled, contracts were fair, operations were transparent. This is the kind of outcome you can expect a professional quantity surveyor to help deliver.

“Setting up a project to succeed is what gives us the biggest buzz,” says James Cameron, quantity surveyor and founding director. “When we partner with building companies and architects, and even home owners, the most appreciated gift we give them is peace-of-mind. They really enjoy having a member of their project team who is professionally precise.”

Quantity surveying, construction cost management, feasibility reports, insurance policy values… how can Property Values Ltd help you today?

Quantity Surveying for Design

Quantity Surveyor Christchurch - Property Values

Architectural residential projects and commercial projects demand careful attention to the specifics. You need accurate, timely advice and calculations. You need certainty and transparency. You need confidence that the people working on your project care as much for a quality completion as you do. With our practical LBP (Site 3) construction experience, we bring more to your project than just a calculator.

Quantity Surveying for Construction

Quantity Surveyor Christchurch - Property Values

Every construction project is a jigsaw of details. Can you keep track of all the pieces? That’s why people turn to Property Values Ltd – we’re good with details. We know how you feel as a busy builder, and we’ve managed complex projects. Quantity surveying, contract procurement, tender processes, payments planning, cost assurance… we can even air pressure test your building. Shall we start?